The CrowdFact Project

The world's first crowdsourced fact-checking tool.
Every person who sees disinformation now has the power to stop it..

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Using browser annotation technology, anyone can highlight disinformation -- and bridge it directly to sources that refute it.

Feature 01


All of the community's work is publicly visible to every user.

Feature 02


As disinformation spreads, each new viewer has a chance to refute it.

Feature 03


Any blog and publisher portal can publicly display CrowdFact activity on their site with a single line of code.

Feature 04


You own your data -- and you earn from it.

Empowering Truth

Working together to defend the digital landscape and create a more conscious world.

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Recognized by the E.U. and Next Generation Internet

Recieved the NGI's 2019 Culture Driver Award at 4YFN in Barcelona

For a Better Internet

Working alongside innovators and technologists from the Bay Area, to Berlin, to the Benelux and beyond.

Asking the Important Questions

We're asking the hard questions in the technology space, and we're finding solutions as a community.

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